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Keeping you informed on Riley and the family
We are doing our best to keep this up-to-date, but obviously Riley's well being comes first.

The Life of Riley

This website is dedicated to the celebration of the life of a wonderful little boy named Riley.

Riley was born on 1 December 2003. His birth was traumatic in that he very nearly died due to complications, but the staff at the Special Care Baby Unit managed to save his life, although he suffered brain damage as a result of starvation of oxygen. This resulted in Riley suffering from severe cerebral palsy that affects all of his limbs and also affects his eating and digestive systems.

Riley is, however, a very happy chap (as the photos in the Gallery show) and enjoys each day to the full. For this reason, his parents and supporters are committed to continue to celebrate The Life of Riley and to do everything they can to ensure that other children with similar afflictions can get as much out of life as Riley does.

There are many charities that provide incredible support and services to families such as Riley’s and this site is initially designed as a vehicle to help these good causes and will ultimately promote an understanding of the issues associated with brain injuries.

The long term intention of the Life of Riley website is to offer a central focal point for people facing challenges relating to brain traumas for the first time, as well as creating an environment where people can share their worries, concerns and indeed their success stories.

That said, we do have a more immediate term aim, which is to raise enough money to send Riley to Switzerland to undergo some stem cell treatment, which we hope will be able to improve his quality of life by helping him reach some targets such as sitting in his chair comfortably and playing without assistance.

This website is intended to help support a community of
people who face similar challenges and are
prepared to help others.


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27/03/2013 Paris to London cycle ride - in just 24 hours!
At 12 noon on 15th June 2013, Riley’s Dad and seven of his friends will set off from Paris’s famous Arc de Triomphe and start pedalling their bikes the 178 miles to Calais, arriving sometime after midnight. At Calais they will board the Eurotunnel train, w
12/08/2012 Sally Robinson takes on the Hell on the Humber
Sally Robinson, one of the best support crews on the ultra distance triathlon and running scene, takes on a challenge of her own - a 12 hour overnight running race to raise money for the Life of Riley foundation!
31/03/2012 Riley's Dad raises over £1,000 for Kingsdown School
Riley's Dad runs two marathons in two days to raise money to help pay for new disabled access vehicles for Riley's special needs school, Kingsdown.


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