A life-long language learner, I speak fluent English, high-level Spanish, and conversational Mandarin.


The powers of communication and human connection never cease to amaze. Clear and authentic expression act as my guiding light, inspiring me as a marketing copywriter (See 'Storytelling'), ESL educator, English-Spanish government translator and English-Chinese editor.


During my college years and after, I worked as an online entertainer... stay with me... an online academic ESL teacher. I served a fanbase of 250,000+ English learners from Mainland China. Webinars were held LIVE most every weekday, averaging 1-2K students daily.


I created, translated, and marketed course and promotional content and was responsible for maintaining a high volume of attendance in my evening time slot. Because I was a native English speaker, my classes were always the most popular on the platform. I'm so proud of the 5-star rating and rapidly-growing student base I achieved on the digital presentation platform ccTalk.


In 2018, I stepped down from my virtual teaching podium to pursue a career in marketing and public relations at Evolve Design Group in Winter Park, FL.



A special moment in my linguistic journey is when three of my passions, my loves of language, marketing, and teaching, all came together in early 2018. I developed my own American accent training course along with by my own marketing materials and successfully acquired 79 online students in Mainland China for a rewarding, unforgettable semester.





Since 2018, I've translated hundreds of documents, website pages, FAQ's, public service announcements, radio advertisements, handouts and more into Spanish for a variety of transportation-related government initiatives.


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Poetry Editor

Mona & Joe, owners of Forest Digital Art Studio in Guangzhou, China, approached me with an exciting project in mind. Mona, a nationally renowned digital artist, was working on her 3rd book titled 'The Dreamer's Catalyst'. This book brought Mona's 'dream journal' to life, which she used to document her dreams every morning for nearly 16 years without fail. This book guides the reader through her dreams, the illustrations they inspired, and the moments that influenced her life work.

Co-translating and editing this magical, poetic and remarkably human expression of work, dense with nearly two decades of breathtaking, award-winning artistry was an experience I will always hold close. Thank you, Mona, for trusting me to contribute to your legacy and granting me the opportunity to make bring your authentically beautiful voice to the English-reading audience.

Forest Digital Art Studio