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Dive in Headfirst

Every letter of every word representing your organization needs to source from, align with, and drive progress toward predetermined objectives. Content does its best work supporting company goals, values and missions. Misguided content costs just as much money to develop and leaves your audiences confused, annoyed, or, worse yet, attached to income they would have otherwise happily parted with for your services.

A simple goal - know what you want to say, and who you’re saying it to. Mastering the complexities of your business’s marketing needs means fully understanding each departments’ unique audiences, stories (campaigns), messaging schedules and objectives.


Take the time to map your outreach matrix before investing in specific initiatives.


Check Hype at the Door

Non-monetary objectives (ex. ‘Grow your reach!’, ‘Create awareness!’, ‘Strengthen loyalty!’) can build hype, but fall short when it’s time to evaluate effectiveness. Successful outreach stems from strongly defined, often numerical targets that create transparent conversation, reinforce accountability, allow for reflection and guide future efforts. 

Posts, newsletters, emails, text messages and publications should strengthen one another and show off your business offerings. ‘Interrelated & Interdependent’ theory still rings true today. Your customer’s attention is invaluable. Once you have it...


 make the most of it.

Harmonize Your Messaging

The 5 c's of copywriting

Clear, Concise, Complete, Correct, and Catchy messaging (The 5 C’s) equate to copywriting success. A simple concept, but a surprisingly high standard in application that keeps content relevant, necessary, and impactful.

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