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I thrive as an Account Manager at Evolve Design Group, meeting client needs by cultivating brand excitement, leading creative brainstorms, managing and harmonizing project components and producing passionate and engaging work. Evolve is a full-service advertising, media and interactive firm located in Winter Park, Florida that has been serving a diverse client base for nearly 20 years, ranging from global hospitality to regional transportation.


My skillsets include video storyboarding, marketing campaign development, social media management, copywriting, government document preparation (federal and state grant submissions, press releases, report creation for the media and elected officials), public speaking and business development pursuits. I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Louisiana State University and a CAPM® Certification from the Project Management Institute.



COVID-19 Response Video

COVID-19 Response Video

Recent Consultant Work


"Sh!t Happens, Deal With It" podcast founders Secily and Margaret came to me in search of a rebranding. Secily wanted an upstanding, polished look and feel, while Margaret sought something wild, loud, and rebellious. After refining brand elements through intensive discussion, reflection, and comparison, I delivered a branding toolkit that brought together these two near-conflicting visions.

Sh!t Happens Style Guide


Brand is slowly being implemented by co-founders through the end of 2020. 

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